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Bodies in Balance Massage Spa

Appointment Bookings Page

Scroll down for available times.

Insurance Claims put thru for you
My Website defaults to a 90min time slot and resets when appointments slots are booked.
 {you are able to book a one hour appointment in that 90 min slot}
If you're unclear which modality to book under...just type what you are looking for in the notes when booking your appointment   :} 
Many new services added to the menu....type in 'notes' what your addons are

 Location ~ 76 Sixmile Road South, Lethbridge, AB

Reiki Courses on Saturdays are reserved for mini courses run throughout the year.

Please book online so we don't play phone tag { i am usually working on a client so i am unable to book you in at your specific time requirement }

Backyard entrance when no ice or snow

Safer entrance {front door} for Wintertime



FYI~~~The 1/2 hour spaces are able to book in a 45 min treatment