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Bodies in Balance RMT Massage


The body is the best place to explore to find if you are holding back flow in your life. It serves as the barometer of health & happiness. By checking in with your body, going inside and simply observing energy, sensation and feeling states, you can find those lost moments of trauma that are causing you to work around your own energy. Then you can clear them to lighten your spiritual (and physical) load. As you watch the energetic movement of the blocks & releases, the body knows that you are paying attention and alters and reorganizes into a new system or pattern of renewed health & balance.
The safest place on the planet is always in your own body. Many of us souls, through trauma or even spiritual practices, have left our bodies to one degree or another. Go inside whenever you can, explore what is there. It offers the gift of memories & spiritual exploration, resulting in the clearing of old debris and re-patterning into more openness, intimacy and flow. When you are in flow, or “the zone,” you actually feel all the possibilities available to you. The time is now... go inside and take a look   :)





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