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The Power of 11

1.11.11 the magic of number 11~self-mastery

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t want a little more support these days? Financial,
physical, soul, mind, vision? What do you need support with? These are the times where
we get to ask. These are the times we get to share. These are the times that the most
powerful things we can share are hope and vision of times less trying.
It’s about our capacity to connect and stress is the great divider. We are in this time and
many feel they have nothing to celebrate. Without can either make us creative and
grateful or depressed and hopeless. Not much in-between…


Have you ever just looked at the clock and it was 11:11

I feel inspired to share with you a bit more of what the number 11 signifies…

In numerology, the number 11 is known as a master number that vibrates at a high frequency and has a great deal of power.

It is about self mastery, about finding peace within your own self and as a result being able to bring peace to other people as well.

It is also about putting dreams and ideals into practice, into realization and manifestation.

Lastly the number 11 is known as a spiritual messenger, one that activates your intuitive, psychic nature and helps you read the signs and navigate your way through your life.

It represents illumination and deep insight and that is my wish for you today!

I leave you with a Maori quote:

“Turn your face toward the sun, and the shadows fall behind you.”

Peace and Blessings~


BELOW IS A great video of 1 minute yoga breaths.......copy & paste url for video


1-1 Energy Use

August 5, 2012 By Gurutej 

Energy is everything.
Everything is energy.
When you have it, you can handle anything. When you don’t, everything is difficult.
What do you want: ease or pain? When the pain and pressures start amping up, the weak revert to unhealthy choices to placate their fears.
The strong look for better ways to get more energy to deal with the situations at hand. More energy can translate to more mental clarity, more efficiency, and more compassion – more you. Learning how to sustain yourself as a Hue (light) Man (mind) Being is one of the most important things that you can do.

This is your first support tool. This exercise will give you a huge energy burst on the spot. Now all you have to do to get the energy is: watch the video and do it. I know you can do that because you signed up to get the support to uplift and sustain you so that you can bring forth your gifts.
Who doesn’t have a tight neck and shoulders? The hours on the computer, driving, cell phones, carrying children, heavy purses, and bags do not help us have relaxed shoulders and neck. The video below will help you reclaim your energy. The exercise in this video will free up the energy in your neck and shoulders. It also helps clear the energy around your body, your magnetic field. It charges you. Once you have done it, you will know it is true.
Tell me how you feel after doing it for at least 3 minutes. You can do it for up to 11 minutes. This is nothing short of transformational. You can go from zero to 100 in energetic watts in that time. You are here to gain something. If you do these, you will gain, otherwise it is just lost time gawking. Experience is everything, so make it yours….. Do it!
Let’s do it now, just click the play button in the video below!

copy & paste url for video