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Bodies in Balance Massage

Body Mind & Soul

Lethbridge Massage Therapist ~ RMT 
Reiki Master/Teacher Courses for 2020
Therapeutic Massage / Swedish Relaxation  ~Reflexology
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Bodies in Balance Massage is closed to prevent the spread of the COVID - 19 until further notice. We all have a our responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone.
Reiki sessions can be done via long distance & i will be doing them "globally" for free. Take a deep breath. Notice your body. It grounds you. Be in the present moment. You're OK!
Feel the energy of Peace ~ Balance ~ Harmony
Reiki / Energy won't "cure" this COVID - 19 but it may help you to find a calm & peace within.
Spread the calm... Spread the peace.
May Luv & Light be in you "all ways"



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~ Cupping(& Myofascial Cupping) ~ Head/Shoulders Massage
~ Ancestral Clearing ~ Chakra Balancing 

     Linda Powell RMT, Reiki Master   Lethbridge, AB, CA

76 Sixmile Road South, Lethbridge,AB

Backyard entrance when no ice or snowFront Door  Entrance When Snow!

Namaste'   You are Beautiful {inside & out}
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*Reiki Master   
*Ancestral Karma Clearing
*Chakra Balancing

Services include a variety of massage techniques that are designed to relieve the pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.

Balance          Stress Relief          Muscles    

Karma Releasing              Body Energy      

Spiritual Chakra Balancing         

Bodies in Balance (Linda Powell, RMT)  is dedicated to improving your Balance


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Bodies in Balance Massage Spa { 1 Therapist } (Me)

Love & Light

Linda Powell     RMT, Bodies in Balance Massage Spa
 | | Skype: live:lprmt7 | 76 Sixmile Road S, Lethbridge, AB