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Bodies in Balance Massage

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Bodies in Balance Massage is closed to prevent the spread of the COVID - 19 until further notice. We all have a our responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone.
Reiki sessions can be done via long distance & i will be doing them "globally" for free. Take a deep breath. Notice your body. It grounds you. Be in the present moment. You're OK!
Feel the energy of Peace ~ Balance ~ Harmony
Reiki / Energy won't "cure" this COVID - 19 but it can help you to find a calm & peace within.
Spread the calm... Spread the peace.
May Luv & Light be in you "all ways"
Please do not book anything until at least 2 - 3 days prior to that....and should you need to cancel at last minute....please do so...even if you are at the door & suddenly don't feel well.


Insurance Claims put thru for you: click link to my page for list of companies.
My Website defaults to a 90min available time slot and resets when appointments slots are booked.
{you are able to book a one hour appointment in that 90 min slot}

If you're unclear which modality to book under...just type what you are looking for in the notes when booking your appointment   :}

 Location ~ 76 Sixmile Road South, Lethbridge, AB

Please book online so we don't play phone tag

{ i am usually working on a client so i am unable to book you in at your specific time requirement }

Winter Entrance when icy will have a sign on center flower pot

in driveway to go to Front Door Entrance           

Summer/no Snow/Ice Entrance
Free Parking ~ Left side of driveway
ance to Spa to the Right of garage