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Bodies in Balance Massage

Reiki 1 Reiki 2 & Reiki Master Available

Calling All Healers for Self & Others

Next  Course Session will be posted here. 

January , 2019

~~Reiki Level 1

~~~$175      or  $25 off each when you take same course with a friend.




November 10, 2018

Ancestral Lineage Healing Course

                    November 10, 2018

                           9am to 4pm





January, 2019

~~Reiki Masters


I offer $25 off for you AND the participant if you take it at the same time....

To take just the Masters please send me an attachment of your Level 2 Certificate

or contact me   for the next one (when I get 4 interested I will line one up)


Course Outline { + more}

¥  Reiki—The Universal Life Force

  • Non physical ubiquitous energy
  • Power to heal & influence our lives
  • Reiki energy always works for the highest good

                   *there is no need for us to move the energy 'our' way

                       *get out of your 'own' way

                          *Reiki energy knows what to do

 ***Cho Ku Reiki: {the Power Symbol}   

~~~  works as a “switch” to instantly increase the Practitioners ability to channel the energies

  •    Empower other Reiki Symbols
  •    Focus on target treatments
  •    Clears negative energies
  •    Provides protection
  •    Increase the nutrition & absorption of healthier meals
  •    Reduce the side effects of medication & increase the effectiveness
  •    Improve your relationships
  •    Prevent a potential mishap
  •    Activating the Law of Attraction

***Sei He Ki: {the Reiki Emotional  and  Mental  Healing Symbol} 

~~~   Means ‘The earth and sky meet or God and Man become one’ {Protection Symbol}

  • Focused symbol for emotional and mental healing
  • clearing
  • purification
  • protection
  • balancing {left & right brain}
  • eases the feelings of sorrow or suffering
  • Improve your memory power
  • Get rid of bad habits
  • Improve relationships
  • Empowers your affirmations
  • Protect yourself
  • Clears headaches
  • Helps to find lost objects
  • Harmony / Balance

                                           ***Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:  {the Distance Healing Symbol} 

~~~   Means 'having no present, past or future’

used for absentee healing
send Reiki energy/healing across time and space

  • Heal the Past
  • Enhance future conditions
  • Sending Reiki ahead of time for doctor’s appointments, interviews, examinations, workshops, or traveling
  • Send healing energy across a room, town, to different parts of your country or just anywhere in the world
  • Heal people that are not present

Works more effectively on the subtle body of an individual like the aura / chakras rather than working directly on an individual’s physical body
Connects Universal Love & Light to the Soul for healing & redirection/recorrection of one’s true path

Why attend a course physically?
1} Receive incredible energy not only from the Reiki Master teaching the course but also from amazing people of like minds that may find a new friend/guinea pig to practice never know
2} It’s a lovely way to jump start your goal towards achieving balance within.
3} Value of attending is ‘priceless’ get out of it what you put into it!!! We are in total control {of ourselves}

Level 1 is the teaching/practicing of these symbols. The knowledge received helps you to focus & empower your mind, energy within & around you. 

Level 2 is the Reiki Attunement of each symbol & their metaphysical energies. The attunement assists the student to connect immediately

Level 3 Masters

***Dai Ko Myo: “Master” symbol. Used only by Reiki Masters

Dai Ko Myo combines the power of the first 3 symbols, making it the most powerful symbol for Reiki Practitioners to use the highest vibration on the clients aura/chakras & Soul {heal the soul and the mental & physical bodies heal automatically}

  • heal our karma
  • all-purpose healing" symbol and "empowerment" symbol
  • Used by Reiki masters to open channels during Reiki attunements and to attune those who wish to become Reiki practitioners.
  • Connects the Reiki Master to the universal energies of Luv & Light
  • heals the soul
  • Heals the chakras, the aura and any disease that we process from our own subconscious beliefs
  • Metaphysically helps heal illness and disease from its original source
  • Self-enlightenment & empowerment
  • Can be used in all Reiki healings to bring in a purer and higher dimension of luv & light
  • Use to draw out negative energy from the body (physical emotional, mental or spiritual) and then liberate it

Attunements are sealed thru the mental & spiritual bodies {mind, aura, soul}.  Thoughts, visualizing, speaking out loud or to yourself, drawing in the air; all connect you to the metaphysical energies of each symbol.  The power ~ is the intention of activating each symbol.

Are you clear on who you are? Smudge yourself

And release the attachments of others fears that have attached to you. 

They can change who you are. 
Be yourself 

Great website for Free courses.......I am NOT an affiliate just support their well done programs.