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Lending a Helping Hand to a good friends' new website, check her out: 

 {all natural products made is Calgary, Alberta, Canada}

See Below for a sample of her natural products.

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All natural wellness products and solutions

Stacey Cameron has produced amazing natural products with more to come on the horizon.

Made here is Calgary, Albertan, she is truly a Canadian Entrepreneur. 

I am very pleased to help her spread the word & promote her business.

{full disclosure….I am ‘not’ getting paid to do this…lol}  so go ahead & copy & paste or type her website in on your own.

below is copied from her website


Keeping it simple and of the earth. I believe our planet has provided everything we need to feel good, look good and smell good. With this in mind, Märe has created a variety of natural products that are truly effective. 

Märe's all natural products work. Period.  

Everyday we are surrounded by chemicals,  we slather them onto our body without even thinking about the result of the action. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.


Märe proudly presents Balmin' Round an all-natural solution for dry lips. 

"Thirsty Rose" will hydrate and quench your lips in the driest climates.  

All natural and organic ingredients. 

2 Essential Oils bringing recorded health benefits.

Read more on Stacey’s website 

Lime Äll Yours :  Pamplepüs : Mint ön Me

Märe products are 100% natural
Safe and gentle formula - no chemicals 
Effective with one morning application
Approved by:

  • previously stinky men
  • pregnant/nursing woman 
  • professional athletes
  • ladies of the night ‚Äč

Smell awesome. It's that easy. 

Read more on Stacey’s website