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Bodies in Balance Massage

Lava Hot Stone Shells

Deep Heat on the Move



Hot Lava Shells heat up internally for relaxing massage to ease the pain of aching joints & muscles.  If you've ever received a Hot Stone Massage you will know just how relaxing & therapeutic this treatment is:

Benefits of having a LAVA SHELLS heated massage:

  • improves circulation, lymphatic system & general function of organs
  • deeply relaxes you ~ 10 times more relaxation than a normal massage / due to the heat allowing a deeper therapy
  • improves the appearance of the skin due to increased blood flow & skin cell renewal
  • Lava shells are 10-12 times hotter than a hot stone due to the continual heat of the exothermic reaction
  • seamless massage with continual heat
  • more hygienic than hot stones
  • eco friendly from start to finish - all ingredients 100% natural
  • ideal as a winter treatment to give added warmth but can be used any time of year

ADD  $15 to your massage treatment

                      Please request in the 'notes' area when booking your massage treatment.  Namaste