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Bodies in Balance Massage ~ Shockwave ~ Reiki

New Wave of Massage Treatments

Body Mind & Soul

Lethbridge, Massage Therapist ~ RMT  ~ Deep Tissue = Shockwave Therapy ~ Healing Energy
Reiki Master/Teacher Courses available Digitally 
Reikissage , Gemstone Massage, Energy Massage {aka~ Reikimassage}
Shockwave Therapy
Gentle Relaxing Reikissage Massage / Swedish Relaxation 

Online booking 

     Linda Powell RMT, Reiki Master   Lethbridge, AB, CA

76 Sixmile Road South, Lethbridge,AB

Insurance Claims put thru for you: click link to my page for list of companies.


Take a deep breath. Notice your body. It grounds you. Be in the present moment. You're OK!
Feel the energy of Peace ~ Balance ~ Harmony

Reiki / Energy won't "cure" this COVID - 19 but it may help you to find a calm & peace within.
Spread the calm... Spread the peace.

May Luv & Light be in you "all ways"
Luv & Light


Backyard Entrance

Namaste'   You are Beautiful {inside & out}

*Reiki Master   


*Ancestral Karma Clearing

*Energy Worker
*Connecting You to the Creator
*Chakra Balancing 
​*A Blend of Modalities to Create Balance

Balance          Stress Relief          Muscles    

Karma Releasing              

Spiritual Chakra Balancing         Body Energy      

Services include a variety of massage techniques that are designed to 

relieve the pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries:

Shockwave Therapy


Bodies in Balance  is dedicated to improving your Balance



If you want some time...Book Online...for your Appointment Bookings  

Bodies in Balance Massage & Reiki { 1 Therapist } (Me)

Love & Light

RMT {Registered Massage Therapist}   {Reiki Master Teacher-Registered with Canadian Reiki Association}

Bodies in Balance Reikissage { 1/2 Reiki 1/2 Massage} |                                                     


Skype: live:lprmt7 | 76 Sixmile Road S, Lethbridge, AB