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Bodies in Balance Massage ~ Shockwave ~ Reiki

COVID-19 Appointment/Cancellation

What to Expect...before & during your appointment

Bodies in Balance Massage Reiki & Gemstones

76 Sixmile Road S, Lethbridge, AB  

DEBIT/Credit TAPPING Available for card transactions. 

Cash is accepted.

Order online Curbside Pickup for Gemstones or FlyTie Boxes 


Shockwave Targets 


Initial Assessment Included in all treatments

Just Target Shockwave 15min = $60.00

Shockwave Target 10min + Massage 20 min = $70.00

Full body Shockwave Massage ~ 1hr = $120.00

1hr Massage ~ Reiki ~ Reikissage = $80.00

no GST added to price of treatments

GST added to products



COVID-19 Cancellations & Appointment Policy      |COVID-19 UPDATE

{all COVID-19 cleaning standards will be done before/after 'every' client}

Please arrive 5 min early {no earlier to avoid other clients checking out} for COVID-19 waiver & screening check in. 

All clients must arrive with face mask on prior to entering. 

I will greet you at the door wearing a mask.

CANCELLATIONS & MISSED APPOINTMENTS  Must text me {403-382-9278} for cancellations {it's the polite thing to do}not email as I have a high filter on them so many emails go to the spam/trash.

 {please cancel at last minute if you are not feeling well.....even if you're at the door already}

Please don't be late {it's the polite thing to do} or too early.
All clients must arrive with face mask on prior to entering.  {not negotiable during these times}

Missed Appointments

When you book an appointment with me, that time is set aside for you - and ONLY you. I never double book and try to always be ready for you when you arrive. In return, I ask that you keep your promise to me and show up for your appointment on time.

Please understand that massage therapists only get paid when they deliver a service... therefore missed appointments are costly for us and prevent us from giving treatments to other clients.

That said, our policy is simple. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment as booked, OR you may go on the 'no show' list where I will not rebook anymore times.  This fee cannot be processed through insurance claims.


In the event that you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment with me, please contact me by phone/text at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you do not reach me, please leave a message on my voice-mail system. If I do not hear from you within this time frame, and you do not keep your appointment, the above policy will be applied.

Note: I recognize that no one is perfect and there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) and so I may make an exception to the above policies on those rare occasions.

Please be respectful to my time that I have reserved for you & cancel appointments 24 hours prior....if you are unable to do that than please find someone to come in for your time slot. {this will prevent being charged for late cancellation or no show fees}

Your appointment email has my cell # in it.

Please text me as emails may go to spam/trash.   

I have a high filter on them. 


Luv & Light



Always CLOSED Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day, New Years Day

Insurers plans... claim online thru for you.

Alberta Blue Cross; ASEBP
Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance; Cowan; Desjardins Insurance; Great-West Life; Industrial Alliance; Johnson Inc.; Manulife Financial; Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group; Standard Life; Sun Life Financial

​Sunday:    Closed
Monday:      10am to 4:00pm
Tuesday:     10am to 4:00pm

Wednesday:    Closed 

Thursday:     10am to 4:00pm
Friday:    10 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday:  Courses



Open for Reikisage massage treatments / reiki sessons Jan 02/2020       Lethbridge, AB



   Reikissage {it is a full body gentle massage with Reiki Energy infused} follows under the guidelines set out by insurance companies.

Check site often for new courses or request to be put on the email alert for future courses.

Reikissage & Energy Work

30 Min TX    $50.00

60 min TX    $80.00

90 min TX    $120.00

Spiritual Chakra Balancing/Clearing/ under Reiki...$80.00.....60 min.


Reiki Attunement  link to Appointment Page

Attunement ~  $50.00


If you want some time...Book Online...for Appointment Bookings  

Receive Therapeutic Treatments such as:
~~~Therapeutic Massage / Swedish Relaxation

~~~Reiki Sessions

~~~Chakra Balancing/Reiki Master

~~~Ancestral Clearing

~~~Myofascial Cupping

   I value your time....please value mine....late arrivals past 10 min will need to be rescheduled.  Please consider the traffic & time your leaving to arrive here 5 min before your appointment....   It's the polite thing to do.